For soft and elegant hands pamper them with a manicure. Beautifully shaped nails and luscious creams to soften your skin will help keep them looking fabulous.

Your feet will feel like walking on air after a Calla Studio pedicure. A leg and foot massage will ease aches and pains, and a pretty polish will brighten your day.

Glossy long lasting colour is achieved using our range of gel polishes. We use Shellac, OPI Gel and Gel II for instantly dry, durable, stunning colour on your nails.

We also offer Creative Acrylic nails in natural or China whites. Regular infills will ensure your nails look fabulous every day.


Manicures and Pedicures

CND Manicures / Pedicures

CND Manicures and Pedicures use fantastic ingredients to leave you with soft and gorgeously fragranced skin

Choose the level of indulgence that will suit you, then choose Standard Polish (OPI) or Gel Polish (Shellac or OPI Gel Color)

Diamond Indulgence – The full works! Indulge yourself with Scrub & Soak, Massage, Heated Mitts / Booties, Cuticles, File & Polish

Polish £36.50    |   Gel Polish £42.00

Gold Luxury – Treat yourself to a luxury treatment, Scrub & Soak, Massage, Cuticles, File & Polish

Polish £32.00     |    Gel Polish £37.00

Silver Service – A sterling treatment, Soak or Fast Massage, Cuticles, File & Polish

Polish £23.50    |   Gel Polish £29.50

Express – Fast but beautiful, Cuticles tidied, File & Polish

Polish £19.50    |   Gel Polish £27.00

File & Polish Only also available for standard polish £15.00

Little Miss Manicure/Pedicure (12yrs or under, 30mins)  £15.00

Nail Art, RockStar, Chrome, Holographic or French +£5.00

Gel polish removal with another service +£3.00

Gel polish removal only £10.00


Callus Peel Hard Skin Removal (30 mins)

Add on to your pedicure £11.50     |       Standalone treatment £21.50

Creative Acrylic Nails

Creative Acrylic Nails in natural or china whites. Choose your shape of nails too, our technicians love new ideas and can offer square, oval, almond, ballet or stiletto styles. Regular infills will ensure your nails look fabulous every day.

Full Set naturals  £42.00

China Whites/ Ombre  £47.50

Nail Maintenance/ infills  £32.00

Natural Nail Overlays  £35.00

Add Gel Polish to Acrylics +£11.50

Removal of Acrylics  £20.00

Or purchase one of our Acrylic / Gel removal kits


Prices valid until 31st March 2020




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Salon InformationNews during the COVID-19 situation

It is with a very heavy heart that I have decided to close the salon with immediate effect for the foreseeable future

Please note that this is a pause only and we will re-open.

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Online purchases of vouchers are welcome and will have a longer validity, and products may also be purchased, please email us!

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Anna and Calla Team